lørdag den 31. januar 2015

My Most Worn Items This Winter

1: An oversized coat in creme/white: The one on the picture isn't the one i have, but it's very similar. I've been wearing my ASOS one almost everyday and i love it. It looks good with everything and can really make an outfit.
2: A pair of knee ripped jeans in black: Of course. I wear mine pretty much everyday. They go with everything and i think everyone needs a pair of these!
3. A black turtle neck: A classic for winter. Absolute love them. I have a few in different fabric and i love and wear them very often. 
4: A black and white top: Uuhhh, love love love this! I got mine earlier this month from Zara and i think it's so cute. Funny enough everything above is black and white, but that's cause they are my favorite colors. Love me some stripes.
5: Knee boots: I got these for Christmas and unfortunately i haven't been wearing them that much, but that's simply because i don't wear them to school and i do nothing on the weekends. But every chance i have to wear them, i do! I love them. 
6: Adidas Superstars: These are everywhere and also in my shoe closet. So happy i got these, they look great with everything and are super comfy. 

Lots of love, Rikki xx


Hey guys. So i haven't been active here in 2015 yet, and i'm really sorry about it. I soon as i wen't back to school, i got a massive amount of homework thrown my way. I've also had 2 weeks of tests everyday, as we got our grades that we need to apply for college (high school in america i think??) the other day. So i've been super stressed and haven't been wanting to blog. I'm still active on my Tumblr and Instagram though. I'm gonna be trying to post more, but i can't promise anything.

Lots of love, Rikki xx