søndag den 12. oktober 2014

The Famous Brandy Dress

(Dress: Brandy Melville - Shoes: Zara - Hat: H&M)

I picked up this very famous tee dress while in London. It was my first time in a Brandy Melville and i loved it. Very California girl vibe. I choose the Blue/white striped one, over the black/white striped one, as this was the last blue dress left and i felt like i already had too much black in my closet. It's a bit short and it's one size. Hate when it's one size. But oh well, i just had to get it. It is the softest dress i own. I always make sure i'm wearing cycle shorts underneath, as you know, it's so short it may show a little.
I haven't been posting much lately, as i haven't been feeling very good. But more information is coming up in another post, coming soon, which has nothing to do with fashion or beauty!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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