onsdag den 13. august 2014

Button It Down

(Shirt: H&m - Jeans: ASOS - Hat: ASOS - Bag: Michael Kors - Shoes: Topshop)

Hey guys! While you reading this i'm most likely in London! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Tumblr for updates up that! 
I'm wearing this outfit in London and it's one of my favorite outfits at the moment! I'm gonna make this a short one, so i hope you have a great day and let me know what you think of the outfit.

Lots Of Love, Rikki xx

søndag den 10. august 2014

Windy Florals

(Tee: H&M - Trousers: Forever 21 - Boots: Topshop)

So i got a new hair cut! I looks a bit yellow ish here, but that's cause i hadn't had the chance to tone it with my silver shampoo. It looks a lot better now though! I was going to dip dye my hair, but started with testing the colour on a strand and didn't like it, which is why i have a random green strand of hair.

I'm starting school tomorrow, so i'm slowly starting to realize that it's time to get back to reality. It's been an amazing summer, i've had a lot of fun, met a lot of new and cool people and i'm never gonna forget this summer. 

Lots of love & good luck to those who are starting a new chapter of their lives, Rikki xx

fredag den 1. august 2014

Everyday Summer Makeup!

Hello guys! I have a beauty post here for you today. It's basically my everyday summer makeup, except the eyeliner, haven't had time to do that everyday! It's kinda Kylie Jenner inspired, and i actually filmed a tutorial, but i didn't like it enough to post it!

(Benefit Primer - Barry M Foundation - Garnier BB Cream - Real Techniques Buffing Brush)

So I start by applying some primer to make my foundation last all day. It's really hot in Denmark at the moment, so i've been addicted to primer! I then mix my bb cream and foundation to get the right color and apply it with a buffing brush. 

(Collection Consealer - YSL Concealer)

I then apply my Collection concealer on any red spots and my YSL one under my eyes.

(Eyelure Lashes - MAC Black Track - Urban Decay Naked 2 "Bootycall" - Loreal Mascara)

I looove bootycall and have been wearing it all the time. I'm also addicted to individual lashes, i've been using the medium and short ones, and i love them! They are knot free so you don't have to use them with eyeliner and it's amazing.

(Wet N Wild Bronzer - Rimmel London Powder)

Need bronzer when you're pale like me! And powder as well cause i have very oily skin.

(MAC Stripdown - Elizabeth Arden lip pencil)

I love mixing these 2 lip liners. They are both quite soft so i start by lining my lips with the mac pencil and then softing it with my finger. Then apply some of the purple lip pencil and taadaa:

There you go! Hope you liked this different kind of post, let me know what you think!

Lots of love, Rikki xx