lørdag den 19. juli 2014

RF14 Outfits: Day 2!

(Dress: Topshop - Boots: H&M - Sunnies: ASOS)

Roskilde Festival Day 2, Friday.

On Friday I met up with some friends (including Katarina Julie, Recorded Life and Rags & Records)
and we heard Haim together. The dress i'm wearing is the same I wore to the 1D concert, but that's just because it's so so comfortable and especially when it's really hot, which it was that day. Probably the hottest out of all the days! I feel like the print of the dress is very festival-ish and I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to wear this at least one of the days. It got cold later on and after I had met up with some other friends, I put on some tights that i had in my bag as well as my blue coat from Topshop.

Hope you liked this outfit.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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