søndag den 15. juni 2014

What's In My Bag? - 1D Concert Edition!

Hello guys! A bit of a different post today, basically i'm going to my first One Direction concert tomorrow, with my friend Lea! I'm quite excited but nervous as well. Nervous that I forget something or that i'll die cause some girl steps on me or something. Also 5SOS cancelled 5 days before the concert, so that made me a bit upset. But it's all good, McBusted are coming instead!

I'm gonna talk through the things i'm bringing with me!
1. Fanny bag! I wear mine like this and i think it's very practical! In the inner pocket I have my money, my card and my health insurance card! 

2. In the outer pocket, i have my phone and my battery cover, in case my phone dies! Very useful!

3. I also keep 2 Nupo bars in there, as they fill you up completely (lol). If you're hungry, eat half of it slowly and it's like you ate a full meal. 

4. Banana's! Banana's keeps the liquid inside of your body and makes you not have to pee as easy. 

5. Candy. I bringing along some candy, in case we or anyone around us is in need of some sugar. When it's very hot and theres a lot of people just standing, you often get dehydrated and needs some sugar.

6. Water and juice. Very important to stay hydrated and make sure you drink loads and loads! 

             Obviously not all of those things can be in my fanny pack, so i'm putting them in a H&M carrier bag, that we can throw out ones we're done with it. Also bringing my sunnies and rubbing my shoulders with suncream, as we'll be in a line outside. I have a picture of my dress and cardigan here

My dress is from Topshop and my cardigan is from Primark. I'll be wearing my very comfy nike roshe runs, as we're standing up for many hours. I'm excited to experience a huge concert like this one and hope there only will be positive things to say afterwards! Hope you found this helpful, and if you're going to one of their shows soon, have fun!

Lots of love, Rikki xx


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  1. Your going to have SO much fun! Love your essentials as well as your outfit! I'm hoping to see Panic! At the Disco this August and it's an outdoor concert as well so I am going to have to keep all of your points mentioned in mind!

    Such a bummer about 5sos! I would probably cry if I saw them live but that's good that they have a filler... Haven't heard any songs from McBusted but I have heard so many great things about them!

    Lovely post!


    1. Oh i'm glad you found it helpful! It was quite upsetting, but McBusted were quite amazing so it's all good! xx