fredag den 30. maj 2014

My Top Five: Lipsticks!

Hello guys! This is going to be the first of many 'My Top Five' post. This will be about lipstick since it's one of my favorite things to paint on my face. Let's just get to it.

#5: Rimmel London Kate Moss 20

I love this fuchsia pink color so much! I'm normally not a big fan of pink lipsticks, but i love the brightness in this and am such a fan of the Kate Moss lipsticks. Amazing consistency and the smell is really good. These never dry out your lips, doesn't on mine anyways!

#4: M.A.C Stripdown Lip Pencil

This isn't actually a lipstick, but i use it like if it was. I love this pencil as it's not as drying as other pencils tends to be and the color is so different and pretty. I like reds and bright colors the most, but this is one of the few color i actually really like on me. 

#3 Topshop Depth

This next one is a purple one. I recently got it, but i have been wearing it non stop ever since. I am in love, pretty much. Purple just looks good on everyone and this color is so nice with just a natural eye and i love it. Topshop makes some really nice lipsticks!

#2 Rimmel London Kate Moss 107

And here is the famous 107 lipstick from the Kate Moss collection. Absolutely such a beautiful color and i have worn it so much it's unreal. It will just always look good, to be honest. Such an amazing lipstick, which is why i've used to much, as you probably can see! Again, the Kate Moss lipstick are amazing and i recommend this a 100 times!

#1 M.A.C Ruby Woo

And here is my absolute favorite lipstick of right now! Red is my favorite lip color and this is the ultimate red. So matte, which i love, and just the perfect color. Ugh cannot even begin to describe my love for this. Also, it stays on forever. You can eat spaghetti all you want (yes, i have tried this) and it still looks perfect. Recommend!

Hope you liked this beauty post, let me know what you thought and what you would like to see!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

fredag den 23. maj 2014

Casual Camel

(Top: F21 - Skirt: Topshop - Shoes: Nike - Hat: ASOS)

Back with a new outfit - and a new haircolour! Yaaay! Starting with the hair, it's not done yet, i need to dye it one more time because the brown hair turned kinda ginger. I really like it though!

To my outfit. My new Roshe Run's from Nike are my new favorite shoes ever. So happy I got them! They are so very comfy and they just look so nice with pretty much everything. I've been wearing them non stop ever since I got them. My hat from ASOS, is also my new favorite item. I got it 2 days ago and I love it! I had, had my eye on it for a long time, but it was sold out! The other day though, I saw it said low in stock so i was quick to get it! I love love love it and i will wear the hell out of it. Especially for the festival I'm going to! It's really pretty and i love it. 

Hope you like this quick post, comment below what you thought and what you want to see! Maybe a beauty post? My everyday makeup? Anything, i need ideas!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

onsdag den 21. maj 2014

Cream Daisies

(Top: H&M - Skirt: Forever21 - Shoes: Boohoo - Bag: ASOS)

So sorry for not posting this earlier, school has been crazy busy and everyday when I get home I literally just sleep and watch New Girl and does nothing else, cause i'm so tired! The weather is amazing though, so many outfits to come! Also, I'm going to the Faroe Islands in 2 weeks exactly, to visit my family and everything and I will try to do a lot of outfits up there and maybe a vlog?
It's gorgeous up there so I thought I would share it with you guys! 

This outfit has been a favorite for the spring so far. It's so not black. Which is what I call my spring/summer clothes, cause I always just wear black. This top, that you've already seen, goes perfectly with the white daisies on my F21 skirt. To add more colour, I wore this cute pastel green bunny bag from ASOS. It's so cute and practical and I love it!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

onsdag den 14. maj 2014

Love Clothing Wish list!

Hey guys, lately i've been lusting over some of's items. I've been familiar with their website for a while, but it wasn't until i started getting a tiny bit obsessed with their blog

They sell their own brand and also other brands like MinkPink, Motel Rocks, Levi's and do not even get me started on their beautiful Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
I made a wish list that i wan't to share with you, take a look!

How amazing are these pieces? I'd say my favorite things are:

  • Row 1, dress 3
  • Row 2, Jumpsuit 1, Tee 2
  • Row 3, all of the items!
  • Row 4, Shoes 1 (omgggg)
  • Row 5, Shoes 2 (again, omggg)

I love love love Jeffrey Campbell's shoes with the large heels! I think they are so special and different and just lovely. Be sure to check out their website HERE and also check out their amazing sale!

Hope you're having a lovely day, i'll see you all later!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

mandag den 12. maj 2014

Pop Of Coral

(Top: UO - Trousers: Message - Shoes: Bianco)

Hi dears. A bit of a different outfit today! The beautiful lace top i'm wearing is probably my favorite top in my closet. It's really pretty, flattering and, of course, black. My trousers are from Message and are the most comfortable trousers i own. Other than my joggers of course. They are a bit too big, since i'm quite short, but it's all good! With heels, they're fine. That brings me to the next item. My shoes! I'm wearing these patent coral platform heels from a danish (i think) shoe store and are actually quite old. I really wanted them in black for my birthday, but with velvet details instead of patent but they sold out:( Reason why i wanted them is because they are so easy and comfy to walk in. The platform makes them feel like you're wearing kitten heels. For me at least. I actually love wearing heels and wear them a lot when i'm not in school, but i realized i don't have that many outfits with heels! 
Hope you like this sorta different outfit today, a big thank you to Emilie Bruun for taking these pictures!

Lots of love, Rikki