fredag den 25. april 2014

Spring In Sweden

(Top: Topshop - Shorts: AA - Jacket: Topshop - Shoes: Boohoo - Hat: Missguided - Sunnies: Pilgrim)

Well well well.. Look who's here! 
SPRING!! Finally! After waiting a very long time for the sun to show, it's finally great weather outside. Not only in Sweden, where these pictures where taken, but here in Denmark as well!
I had PE outside and we all melted. It's so lovely. I can now get away with wearing shorts/dresses/skirts with nude tights! I've been looking forward to this since, well, last year. Spring is my all time favorite season, cause i just love how pretty everything is, and how excited everyone are because of the weather. 

My parents have a house in Sweden, that we go to once in a while. I originally didn't wan't to go this time, as i now have a lot more of a social life, then when we got the house. But my parents really wanted me to, so i took the train, 3 hours guys 3 hours, so i could see them. It was actually really nice, but the internet was quite bad, unfortunately. 
Me and my mom went shopping one of the days, and this is what i wore. I've been dying to show you my American Apparel shorts that i got for my birthday. I absolutely love them! They are so versatile and comfy. The wind hasn't been around that much, thank god, meaning a could wear my black fedora hat from Missguided and my Pilgrim sunglasses. And of course my white Boohoo shoes, that you've already seen. You're gonna be seeing them loads! Because i love love love them!

Now lets talk about something exciting! It's my Tumblr's birthday on sunday! Yaaaay! Because of that, i decided that i am not only going to post an outfit but also a makeup tutorial! I can't believe i've almost been on Tumblr for a year, and i can't wait to write a long blog post about it, haha! Hope you guys are having a great day. I'm gonna go eat my raspberries and my dark chocolate and continue my evening.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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  1. The weather looks gorgeous! Here in Hawaii it's been dreary and cloudy... Hoping for the sun to come out so I can go to the beach or something!

    Lovely outfit and your hair coloring is gorgeous


    1. Oh no, that's no good:( I know it all too well! Thank you, actually dying it blonde in May haha! xx