søndag den 6. april 2014

Happy In The Wind

(Coat: ASOS - Top: H&M - Jeans: ASOS - Shoes: Boohoo - Bag: Michael Kors)

On friday i met up with my lovely fellow style blogger, Katarina (kautekouture). We got Starbucks and walked around the mall, looking at all the stores. We did a we bit of shopping as both of us shouldn't actually be spending money right now! 

These pictures were taking on a windy day, on the roof of a mall, which is why my hair is a bit crazy. The reason behind me laughing and smiling is that i can't take it serious when people take my picture. Especially when it's one of my friends and other people are around. But please excuse that!
Now for the outfit. I've been loooving ripped jeans lately and even though there aren't that many rips in the jeans (yet), i still love them! I am very happy with them, even though they are too big around the waist, which is why i'm wearing a belt. My cream top from H&M is my latest favorite top. I got it for my birthday, and i've been wearing so much lately. It's just so cute and the sleeves are adorable. It's a real spring item. 
Even though the weather hasn't been looking very springy lately. It will come i hope! 
You probably saw my shoes in my last post. I've been wearing them with almost everything. I wear them with skin colored socks though, again cause the weather isn't too nice at the moment. They are super cute and make me look taller so it's a win/win really. 
Also lastly, Kat got us tickets to see Ed Sheeran in November! Ahh! She's my goddess now. Here is a cute selfie of us, taken in a bathroom 

Hope you enjoyed todays post! Love you all.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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  1. Ahhh! So jealous! I love Kats blog! You two look like you had a lot of fun! Lovely outfit!


    1. Kats amazing yaaa. We did, thank you! xx

  2. Love your style! x