søndag den 27. april 2014

Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Check out my makeup tutorial! x

A Little Pink Number

(Jumpsuit: Topshop - Fedora: MissGuided - Shoes: Boohoo)

Hello there! In celebration of my Tumblr's 1 years birthday, here is a springy look for you all! I'm wearing this beautiful light pink jumpsuit from Topshop, that i've worn before HERE. It's so so comfortable and pretty. It's a bit formal, so i haven't been wearing it that much, but i wore it yesterday for a confirmation!
Obviously i've also been wearing my fedora. It's just such a great accessory and yea i love it. As well as my fisherman sandals, that i told you, you're going to see a lot this s/s season! I honestly can't believe i've been on tumblr for a year - wow! Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and great! I love you!

Lots of love, Rikki xxx

fredag den 25. april 2014

Spring In Sweden

(Top: Topshop - Shorts: AA - Jacket: Topshop - Shoes: Boohoo - Hat: Missguided - Sunnies: Pilgrim)

Well well well.. Look who's here! 
SPRING!! Finally! After waiting a very long time for the sun to show, it's finally great weather outside. Not only in Sweden, where these pictures where taken, but here in Denmark as well!
I had PE outside and we all melted. It's so lovely. I can now get away with wearing shorts/dresses/skirts with nude tights! I've been looking forward to this since, well, last year. Spring is my all time favorite season, cause i just love how pretty everything is, and how excited everyone are because of the weather. 

My parents have a house in Sweden, that we go to once in a while. I originally didn't wan't to go this time, as i now have a lot more of a social life, then when we got the house. But my parents really wanted me to, so i took the train, 3 hours guys 3 hours, so i could see them. It was actually really nice, but the internet was quite bad, unfortunately. 
Me and my mom went shopping one of the days, and this is what i wore. I've been dying to show you my American Apparel shorts that i got for my birthday. I absolutely love them! They are so versatile and comfy. The wind hasn't been around that much, thank god, meaning a could wear my black fedora hat from Missguided and my Pilgrim sunglasses. And of course my white Boohoo shoes, that you've already seen. You're gonna be seeing them loads! Because i love love love them!

Now lets talk about something exciting! It's my Tumblr's birthday on sunday! Yaaaay! Because of that, i decided that i am not only going to post an outfit but also a makeup tutorial! I can't believe i've almost been on Tumblr for a year, and i can't wait to write a long blog post about it, haha! Hope you guys are having a great day. I'm gonna go eat my raspberries and my dark chocolate and continue my evening.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

lørdag den 19. april 2014

Lush Haul!

Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to make this blog post!

I am absolutely obsessed with taking baths and pampering myself. Therefore is Lush an amazing store for me! I recently bought a few things from there, take a look!:

The Sacred Truth Face Mask

I looove this mask, it's so nice and fresh feeling! I've used it 2 times and it's amazing!

Get it HERE!

Rose Jam Bubble Bar

I've used about half of this and it made my bath look so cute and pink. It smells amazing and i love it.
You don't necessarily need half for a bath, but i did cause i wanted it very pink! Also used this in my recent youtube video HERE

Get it HERE

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

I am yet to use this, but it smells amazing and the little flower it too cute!

Get it HERE!

Rose Queen Bath Bomb

I haven't used this yet, but i'm so excited to! I only bought one bath bomb so i wanted to save it, but
i bought five today in Sweden (haul coming next week!) so i'll be sure to use it soon! 
It, like all the other things, smell amazing. There is a little flower in it, so when you use it, the flowers comes out and floats.

Get it HERE

Hope you liked this little haul, i have much more stuff coming next week! Be excited!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

tirsdag den 15. april 2014

Still Not Spring

(Top: F21 - Cardigan: Primark - Jeans: Topshop - Boots: Docs)

Hello everyone! How are you all? I'm back with yet another outfit post!

This is the outfit i wore yesterday for going to lunch with my best friend and just hanging out! As you can see based on my outfit, the weather wasn't that great. It was actually so windy and rainy. :(. Because of that, i decided to wear my docs and my big navy blue cardigan. Underneath i am wearing 1/3 of my halter neck crop tops from Forever 21. This one is blue and white striped and so cute! Also obviously wearing my new jeans from ASOS (also featured here) as they are my new faves! They are a bit too big, especially with crop tops, but i don't mind. It makes them comfy! I decided to get the pictures taken inside, because i feel like i never seem to do that! 
Me and brother are currently home alone, since my parents are in Sweden, so we are just enjoying it and messing up the house a bit! So don't mind that hehe. 

Hope you liked the outfit, please let me know what you think! 

Lots of love, Rikki xx

søndag den 6. april 2014

Happy In The Wind

(Coat: ASOS - Top: H&M - Jeans: ASOS - Shoes: Boohoo - Bag: Michael Kors)

On friday i met up with my lovely fellow style blogger, Katarina (kautekouture). We got Starbucks and walked around the mall, looking at all the stores. We did a we bit of shopping as both of us shouldn't actually be spending money right now! 

These pictures were taking on a windy day, on the roof of a mall, which is why my hair is a bit crazy. The reason behind me laughing and smiling is that i can't take it serious when people take my picture. Especially when it's one of my friends and other people are around. But please excuse that!
Now for the outfit. I've been loooving ripped jeans lately and even though there aren't that many rips in the jeans (yet), i still love them! I am very happy with them, even though they are too big around the waist, which is why i'm wearing a belt. My cream top from H&M is my latest favorite top. I got it for my birthday, and i've been wearing so much lately. It's just so cute and the sleeves are adorable. It's a real spring item. 
Even though the weather hasn't been looking very springy lately. It will come i hope! 
You probably saw my shoes in my last post. I've been wearing them with almost everything. I wear them with skin colored socks though, again cause the weather isn't too nice at the moment. They are super cute and make me look taller so it's a win/win really. 
Also lastly, Kat got us tickets to see Ed Sheeran in November! Ahh! She's my goddess now. Here is a cute selfie of us, taken in a bathroom 

Hope you enjoyed todays post! Love you all.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

onsdag den 2. april 2014

Spring/Summer Braid Crown Tutorial!

Check out my braided crown tutorial! Would mean a bunch to me. xx

tirsdag den 1. april 2014

New In: Boohoo Fisherman Sandals

I've been seeing Fisherman sandals on everyone recently and i've been loving it! I've been 
wanting a pair of these kinds of sandals for such a long time, so i'm so happy i finally got a pair!

These are white ones (obviously) from Boohoo. They're really pretty and comfortable to walk in! 
Been getting compliments about them already!

I made some Polyvore sets on how i would style these shoes for spring, take a look!

Follow me on Polyvore HERE

Obviously as you can see, pastels are all in this ss season. I've been loving pastels as well as white!
And can we talk about how cute those pink ripped knee jeans are from Topshop??!

If you noticed the same bag in some of the sets, it's because it's my newest obsession.
Ahh i just want a white bag and i sure wouldn't mind it being a Chanel bag! My wallet would mind, though. 
If you like the shoes, get em' HERE

Hope you liked this little post! Let me know what you think

Lots of love, Rikki xx