søndag den 2. marts 2014

Style Crush Sunday: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is probably one of the hottest moms ever. From the way she dresses, to her body to her hair and makeup, you wouldn't believe that she is a mother of two.

Nicole is a fashion impresario and icon for many people. Her everyday outfits are always super duper cute and modern. Here are some of my favorite looks from her: 

Oh man, i hope to look just like her when i get children! 

As mentioned before, her everyday outfits are always really great and modern. She has an amazing body and takes advances of that, as anyone would. 

Her red carpet looks are always very chic and beautiful. Especially her long dresses, that i included in  this post. 
Her hair and makeup is also very beautiful at all times. Her everyday makeup and hair is always very natural looking but when she's at events, she likes to take a risk sometimes and go all out on the makeup! I love love love her style and i would steal her closet if i could!

Hope you liked this short posts!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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