mandag den 10. marts 2014

My Perfect Sunday Night

Hello everyone! So instead of doing my typical Style Crush Sunday post, i decided on something much different. As inspired by blogs like oliviaericaryanxo and milkbubbletea i wanted to show something more personal, my roooom! Or well, some of it anyway!

I would like to show you how i like to spent my sunday night - and any other night where i've been running around all day really. This is how my bed would look like:

(Bed covers - IKEA)

Please excuse my ugly sheets, i normally only use white ones but they were in the washer! So as you can tell, i've gotten a tiny obsession with pink! My room used to be all black and white, but i've been adding a lot of color recently, which is really nice.

I love my pillow pet so much, he is so soft and comfy! His name is Mr. Unicorn and he is my soulmate. 

Fairy lights is something every girly girl should have in their room. Mine are little flowers and adds such a cute and comfortable mood. 

Candles also makes a really nice mood. Take a closer look at my scented candles!

(All are scented and from IKEA)

I love love love scented candles and i have way too many. It's so difficult finding good ones, but IKEA has a good selection. I have a white/pink theme going on as you can see. 

After lightening some candles, i like to put on some music:

(Arctic Monkeys - Arabella & Bastille - Overjoyed)

Recently i've been listening to a lot of Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, Nina Nesbitt, The 1975 (of course) and loads more! 

Here are some of the things i like to snack on:

(Green tea, ice cold water, cranberries and hassle nuts)

There is nothing better than a to cup of tea when you're relaxing, but i actually am i big fan of ice cold water with lemon as well. It's very fresh and delicious. 

Being the healthy person i am (lol not) i like to snack on some cranberries and some nuts. It's healthy, delicious and something we always have in out kitchen. 

Now here to what i do:

Reading a good book, is something that makes me relax. It doesn't matter which one, just whatever you're reading at the moment. I've held a little break with reading my Miranda Kerr book, so that's the one i was reading yesterday. 

After reading a few chapters, i logged on to Tumblr to do my usual reblogging session. If you don't have tumblr you could watch a movie or an episode of a series you like! If you do, you should totally follow me here!

I hope you enjoyed this different post, let me know what you think!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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  1. heart your room décor