lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Birthday Haul!

If you follow me on any social media, you'd know that it was my 15th birthday last week - March 22 to be exact! It's was a really great saturday, i had the company of my grandma, dads sister, uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, my parents and my brother! We had a delicious brunch and then just spent hours catching up!
Later on my parents, brother and I went to a fancy smancy restaurant and had a lovely dinner. I wanted to show some of the things i got - well my favorite things! Here we goooo:

First up, what my friend gave me! The presents above was given to me by my best friend Rebecca. I got exactly what i wished for, which was eyelashes, a dark lipstick and some color! As you can see the eyelashes are Envy and the top Jacqueline de Yong, but i don't know where the lipstick is from.

These present and the little letter (in Danish) are from my good friend Camilla. She got me a creamy white flowy top from H&M. This is literally my new favorite top and i have been wearing it non stop since i got it. It's so pretty and you will soon see an outfit with it! She also got me some chunky rings, form H&M as well.

My other 2 good friends got me these super duper pretty nails polishes and a lip gloss. I'm in love with the glitter polishes especially! Both sets are form H&M.

The presents above here are from my Uncle, aunt and cousins. I got an H&M gift card, which i'm very happy about since spring is here and i need more springy clothes! I also got the most beautiful light chain with little leaves on. If you saw my sunday post, you'd know i have a wallpaper on my wall with leaves on, so it's matching!

I also got some flowers, but keep in mind that these are a week old and therefore, almost dead.

These presents are from my parents. I got a set with Avril Lavigne's AMAZING perfume. Love love the smell! I also got a pair of gold earrings, for my extra piercings in my ears, so it all matches. 
I also got a Fuji Film Instax 8 in pink which i'm so so happy about. I literally love it so much. I got 2x10 films with it as well. 
I then got a pair of American Apparel shorts, bought through ASOS. Sooo happy with them and generally all gifts!

My brother gave me both a gift card to get a piercing shot in and an earring for the piercing. I've been wanting a piercing in my upper ear for such a long time so i'm very happy! The ring is gold and so perfect, i can't wait to be able to change it to that!

I also got some other stuff and money from my grandparents and aunt, but i'm not comfortable showing those things. 
I hope you know how grateful i am for these gifts and the amazing people i have in my life!

Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday!

Lot of love, Rikki xx

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