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Style Crush Sunday: Julianne Hough

Once again, i am late! I'm so sorry, i'm very busy sundays cause i have work and once i get home, i'm too exhausted. Anyway, let's get to it.

You have probably seen Julianne in movies like Rock Of Ages and Safe Heaven. Julianne is an amazing and beautiful actor and style icon. Here are some of my favorite outfits of hers.

Julianne's everyday style is very cute and casual. Her red carpet looks are always really on point and she always looks amazing.

I've never been one to wear just jeans and a sweater. I've never had a very casual style, but Julianne is defiantly one of my style icons when it comes to more casual outfits. She loves jeans. Tight, coated, ripped whatever, you name it. She's also a big fan of sweaters and blouses, along with her usual sunglasses and sometimes, a fedora.

Julianne has amazing hair, and she has the hair color i want! I'm bringing a picture of her hair to the hair dresser, once i go. I love how she rocks the short bleach blond hair.

I made some inspired outfits. This one
is inspired by her casual, everyday style. I really could see her in this, to be honest! Click HERE for prices and so on! As mentioned and also as you can tell by the pictures, she loves jeans, a casual blouse, sunnies, booties and a hat. 

Now this outfit 
is something i could imagine her in, for going out. She has worn jumpsuits many many times, i included some outfits in the pictures above, but she has worn many different ones. She also loves pointed heels. It's something that's always been in, but has lately been worn by EVERYONE. Literally. Link HERE

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Hope you enjoyed this weeks SCS.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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