onsdag den 19. februar 2014

Monochrome Flowers

(Dress: Missguided - Shoes: Doc Martens - Bag: Michael Kors - Hat: Missguided)

Monochrome has been a big trend, that i think will never not be in. I recently got this pretty monochrome floral skater dress from Missguided. I love it. It's really cute and flattering and i've been obsessed with floral lately, so it's just perfect for me!

So like everyone else, i watch American Horror Story and i love it. The outfits, in the Coven season, is what inspired me to get the fedora hat i'm wearing. At first i wasn't sure if i should keep the hat or not, but now i love it and can't wait the weather to get a bit better so i can wear it all the time. I practically live in my docs and i love it with dresses and skirts, so it wasn't that hard for me to choose shoes for this outfit. I wore my blue Michael Kors Selma bag and Burgundy Forever 21 faux leather jacket to add a bit of color. 
Hope you like this outfit, let me know what you think!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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  1. your dress is so cute, love how you styled it X