fredag den 28. februar 2014

How I Would Style My New: Topshop Check Print Coat in Navy

Last year, Topshop came out with a grey version of this coat and i loved it. Unfortunately it sold out before i could get my hands on it and so i had to move on. But then, Topshop decided to do a navy version of the coat! It looks like this:
Isn't it gorgeous? 
I've been loving coats lately, especially boyfriend coats like this one. It's getting a bit warmer in Denmark (yay!) and we can feel spring coming here in Roskilde. This coat obviously isn't really appropriate for cold winter weather, but i'm going to use as a spring coat along with my leather jacket!
Navy has been all over the runways in the latest fashion weeks, and it's a trend i've been loving! I recently got a navy blue bag and now i'm receiving a navy blue jacket! Which is good for a change, since i may or may not wear a lot of black, especially black accessories. 
I made a few sets on how i would style the coat. Some are spring outfits, some are for colder weather and so on. Here they are:

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My favorite outfits out off all of these are probably 2,3,6,7! 
As you can see, a lot of the items in the sets are black and white, which is also the colors i wear the most. 
Any way, i hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think about it.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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  1. I love 3, 5 and 7! You have great taste! :o x
    Have you checked out my latest wishlist post? It's at would mean a lot if you took a look! :p xxx