mandag den 27. januar 2014

How I Would Style My New 'Michael Kors Selma Large In Marine'

I've been obsession over the MK Selma bags since the first ones came out. I've never been stuck on one color, but i've had my eye on blue, or 'marine' to be correct, for a while. The other day i was just looking around UK websites looking for a cheap Selma bag. I found this one on

 and feel in love immediately! I know Nelly and have ordered from them quite a bit, so i was having a good feel about the bag and was kinda thinking about saving up for a little while and then getting it. I then went to check my Facebook and the first thing that came up on my screen, was a picture that Nelly had put out, saying they were having 40% off for 2 hours! I had about 40 minutes till it ended and i must admit, i kinda freaked. I really didn't know if i should get it or not. I kept asking everyone on Tumblr and my parents. At the end, since it's my money, it's my decision and i ended up getting it. 

I'm really happy that i did! I haven't received it yet, but i'll post pictures once i do. Here a few sets on how i would style it: 

As you probably can see, i would mostly wear it with black, which won't be a problem since i have so much black clothes in my closet. I'd probably stick to darker colors and white shades. 
Get the bag HERE

Lots of love, Rikki xx

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