lørdag den 1. august 2015

Simple Black

(Tee: H&M - Jeans: Dr. Denim - Jacket: Vero Moda - Boots: DinSko - Bag: Love Moschino - Sunnies: Quay)

Got a haircut! I've been feeling very bad about myself and looks and I felt like I needed a change! I'm also way too obsessed with these sunnies.

onsdag den 8. juli 2015

Eye See You

(Dress: Zara - Coat: Vero Moda - Sunnies: Quay)

I'm so excited that it's finally summer and that i'm done with school! I'll have so much more time to blog this summer. Unfortunately i won't have, well any time really after summer. But i'll explain further once we get closer to the end of summer!

I've had this dress in my closet for ages, so i figured it was time to bring it out. I also had to jump onto the Quay sunglasses trend. Obviously.

I'll have a summer essentials up soon!

Lots of love, Rikki xx

onsdag den 17. juni 2015

Green Vibes

(Dress: ASOS - Jacket: H&M Men - Shoes: H&M)

So sorry for the lack of post. I'm currently in the middle of exams and the month leading up to them, as well as this month, has all been crazy. I'm almost done though and i can't wait to end school. I'm graduating in a week! I'm excited for a new start at a new school. Hope everyones having a nice and sunny day. x

Lots of love, Rikki xx

lørdag den 4. april 2015

Spring In Copenhagen

(Jacket: Topshop - Tee: ASOS - Trousers: Message - Shoes: Adidas)

Had such a great time with my favorite adult Kat, in Copenhagen. We shopped a bit and then decided to find an empty street, to take some outfit pictures. It's really starting to feel like spring in Denmark, which is great, as it was snowing last week. Seriously. So we are really excited about the sun coming out! My outfit today was really comfy, as it's that time and feel like i needed to be comfy all day. Hope you like, and watch out for Kat's post on her outfit! Find her at www.katarinajulie.com.

Lots of love, Rikki xx

tirsdag den 31. marts 2015

Currently Loving: H&M!

I recently went to H&M without any money on my bank account, and was pretty surprised how i wanted everything in the store!
I feel like with H&M, they either hit or miss. And i feel like this time it's a hit! I only picked up a black tee and a nude bra, as that was was i needed, but i wanted to show you some of the things i've been lusting!

I'm loving all of it! I wish could get it all. Also wanted to show you my outfit:
You can't tell but i was wearing leather leggings from H&M, with a ASOS tee, jacket and bag and my trusty Adidas superstars! As said, i only got a black tee and a bra from H&M, but i also got the prettiest flowers so cheap! 
So gorgeous! I love flowers so i had to get them. 

Hope you liked this post, let me know which items you are loving!

Lots of love, Rikki

lørdag den 7. marts 2015

Recent Haul - ASOS, Dr. Denim, MAC

 Hey guys! I quickly wanted to show you what i recently have purchased. I also have been and spending a lot of money on food, but i obviously cannot show you that. So here i what i can show you!

I have very red and oily skin, and have been using the 
Yes To tomatoes collection, but i thougt i would try the Yes To Cucumer 
cleanser and moisturizer as it's for more sensitive skin!

As i mentioned in the previously post i bought some Mac make
in Aarhus. I got the blush 'Pinch Me', the mineralize skinfinish
in 'Global Glow' and the Fix Fluid Foundation.
I also ordered a few more of my Collection concealer as i
only can get it online.

I got the purple/blue oversized t shirt by Asos White. It's just very 
lightweight and perfect for spring.

I finally got me some black jeans, that aren't ripped!
These are by Dr. Denim and are so nice!

My favorite thing would be this dress from Monki! It's so simple yet 
it's so pretty and nice and ahh i just love it! I think i'll wear to my graduation 
this summer! 

Hope you liked this little haul! Let me know what your favorite items is!

*Disclaimer: I did purchase all of these items myself, with my own money.

torsdag den 26. februar 2015

Exploring Aarhus!

(Coat: ASOS - Top: Zara - Trousers: Zara - Scarf: Pieces - Bag: Michael Kors - Shoes: Adidas)

I recently went exploring in Aarhus for the first time ever, and it was such a nice city! Me and my mom went to the museum Aros and visited the old city, which is like going back into the 70/80/90's! After that, we went shopping, obviously! Haul coming later, as soon as i receive some other things :). 

 It was pretty chilly and we were walking all day, so this outfit was just perfect for it! Love my Topshop trousers so much and my coat makes any outfit a lot more classy!

Lots of love, Rikki xx